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Products » Coolant » Brack Fluid
Royal Brake fluid is fully chemical solnsation Dot-3 fluid for use in the hydraulic brake and clutch systems of automotive vehicles. They offer protection against corrosion and rusting of mental parts, even in the presence of moisture. they possess high boiling points and low pour points. They do not affect natural or synthetic rubber washers.

Royal Brake Flnid is suitable for all hydraulic brake and clutch, disc and drum system where such type of fluide is specifield. they do not affect natural or synthetic rubber seal materials generally used.
   Specification    TextResults
ERBP, C , 165
Flash Point ,COC ,C , 12 - 0
Kinematic Viscosity at 40 C, 12 - 4
Specific Gravity at 27 C , 1 - 095
Rubber Compitility Test , Pass
Foaming Test , Pass
PH 7 - 5
Pour Point , C , { - 8 }
Color Cleae Red
Water Solubility Soluble
Base Glycol
Type Synthetic
•  Compatible with other brands meeting similar specifications.
•  Good Protection against corrosion & rust.
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