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Products » Hand Sanitizer
Royal Hand Sanitizer represents a revolution in hand hygiene, as it is more effective than soap in reducing the germs on your hands. The ability of hand sanitizers to rapidly kill bacteria and other germs on your hands is a great advantage.

What are the advantages of a Royal Hand Sanitizer over soap and water?
  • Better germ-killing properties
  • Takes less time and easy to use: Washing hands with soap and water requires 1-2 minutes, whereas, hand sanitizers requires only around 10-15 seconds.
  • Prevents skin irritation and dryness: Hand sanitizers contain moisturizers and emollients, which prevent irritation and dryness of the skin.
  • Self-drying gels: Require no soap, water and towel after use, hence can be carried easily and used anywhere.
  • No chance of recontamination: Use of a hand sanitizer eliminates the risk of recontamination from water-borne bacteria, contaminated plumbing systems and contact with dirty taps/wash basin, which is possible when using soap and water.
Uses of Royal Hand Sanitizer:-
  • For routine cleaning of hands
  • Before touching an infant/child
  • Before eating or handling food
  • Before and after attending to a sick person
  • During travel or after using public transport
  • After contact with surfaces in public places
  • After using the washroom/toilet
  • After handling animals/pets
  • After visiting a hospital/nursing home
  • After doing household work like cleaning, dusting, handling garbage, etc.
  Product Suggestions:- Royal is a hand sanitizer that prevents infections and keeps the hands clean, soft, smooth and fresh all the time.

  Available Packing:- 100ml,200ml,5 ltr,Bulk packing, Order of special type of packing is accepted.

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