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Royal Coolant / Anti-Freeze is a liquid substance used to reduce the temperature of a system below a specified value by conducting away the heat produced in the operation of the system, as the liquid in an automobile cooling system or the fluid that removes heat from the core of a nuclear reactor.

Royal Coolant / Anti-Freeze is recommended for use in liquid cooling systems of automotive and industrial petrol and diesel engines. The higher boiling points of Royal Coolant / Anti-Freeze is beneficial in hot weather and at high altitudes. Glycol concentration is given in Table, balance are water with special additives.

Royal Coolant / Anti-Freeze protects cooling systems of petrol and diesel engines against rust in all seasons. They provide ideal cooling, effective protection against corrosion and scale deposite information in the cooling systems year - round, resulting in longer radiator life and lower maintenance cost, for all cars, trucks, and indurstrial D.G. Set

•   High boiling point gives better cooling performance in high temperature condition..
•   Excellent anti-foam properties.
•   Withstands freezing at low temperatures and down time.
•   Protects the radiator against rust & corrosion.
•   Compatible with ordinary summer coolant.
•   Protection against excessive evaporation.
•   Provides year round cooling and anti-freeze properties.

IS 5759:1994        
Specification Test Reslts Standard Value
Boiliong Point, °C, Min. 204 155.0
Specific Grevity at 20 °C, 1.18 1.1140
Water Content ,% Nil 5.0
Freezing Point of Water Solution,:Max,
{A} 30% { v / v }   {B} 50% { v / v }
( -14 )
More then ( -25 )
( - 14.0 )
(  -34.0 )
PH of 3% Water Solution, 8.0 7.0 to 11.0
Reseved alkality,TBN, 0.5 As per Report
Foaming Property of 30 % { v / v } Water
Solution ,m1 ,Max.
1.5 4.0
Kinematic Viscosity at 40 °C CST, 7.0 To Report
Why Change Your Own Antifreeze
Why should you get your hands dirty ?
First Off, cooling system failure is the cause of engine-related breakdowns. while many people-check oil levels and brakes on a regular basis, few consistently monitor the cooling system. Did you know that a car's engine products enough head to destroy it shelf ?! That'swhy we recom - mend checking antifreeze levels as part of your normal maintenance routine.flushing the radiator at least every 2 year and or 30,000 kilomiter. topping of with Royal Antifreeze will ensure that your engine continues to operate within the correct temperature rang. Royal Extended life antifreeze provides 3 year or 100,000 protection for maximum use.
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